image azurlingua french school Nice, France

Classes on the French Riviera

This school based in Nice, on the French Riviera, has 25 years of experience. Learn with FLE certified teachers during conversation classes and workshops.

Outside of classes, dive into the French culture by enjoying excursions from the red carpet of the Festival de Cannes to a stroll in Saint Tropez on the same beach as Brigitte Bardot.

Your language skills will first be evaluated in order to find the best fitting group for your level.

Choose your class below for more information & enrollment options:

In the standard course, you will learn vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures to quickly improve your communication skills in French.

Additionally, you will participate in class activities promoting spoken expression and in workshops based on your level.

22.5h (30 lessons) Per Week • 8-10 People Per Group • New Classes Start Every Monday
Alternated Schedule: 8.45am to 12pm or 2.45pm to 6pm • 245 Eur (280$) Per Week

*If you are looking to take more than 4 weeks, please contact us for pricing.

Similar to the standard course’s conversational classes, these classes will focus more on daily life and the spoken language itself.

This “super intensive” package concentrates exclusively on conversational and vocal activities and is perfect for quick improvement no matter your level.

30h (40 lessons) Per Week • 12 People Per Group • New Classes Start Every Monday

8:45am to 12pm and 2:45pm to 6pm • 330 Eur (380$) Per Week

*If you are looking to take more than 4 weeks, please contact us for pricing.

Alternated Schedule Information

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:45-10:15am 8:45-10:15am 8:45-10:15am 8:45-10:15am 8:45-10:15am
Pause 10:15-10:30am
10:30-12pm 10:30-12pm 10:30-12pm 10:30-12pm 10:30-12pm
Pause 12-1pm
Intensive Course 1-2:30pm Private Lesson
2:45-4:15pm 2:45-4:15pm 2:45-4:15pm 2:45-4:15pm 2:45-4:15pm
Pause 4:15-4:30pm
4:30-6pm 4:30-6pm 4:30-6pm 4:30-6pm 4:30-6pm


If your schedule is alternated, you will follow either the red schedule or the green schedule. For example if you follow the green schedule on week one you will have an assessment test on Monday morning, then you will have your ‘standard’ course on Tuesday morning, Wednesdayafternoon, Thursday morning and Friday afternoon. On week 2 you would then follow the red schedule and have your ‘standard’ course on Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.