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Expert Native Teachers

All instructors are native speakers who are trained to take a special interest in each of their students. Learning a language should be more than memorizing vocabulary lists and completing verb tables. That’s why The French Language Salon's teachers develop understanding through meaningful conversation, rather than dry exercises.

Free Materials & Free Evaluations

All students who enroll in a class at the FLS receive a free book & CD that corresponds with your program and allows you to study at home. We also offer free evaluations in order to place you in the correct level. Call 212.628.2700 to schedule an evaluation.

Group Lessons

The French Language Salon offers group lessons at our Upper East Side locations for 10-12 students at a time. Group based lessons allow our students to learn not only though our teachers instruction, but to also practice their speaking with other students and exercises in the classroom.

Skype Lessons

There are many benefits to learning a foreign language through one-on-one private lessons over Skype. For adults and children above the age of six, it is an excellent option that combines convenience with fully interactive one-on-one instruction.

Private Lessons & Test Prep

Each lesson lasts 60-120 minutes and is scheduled with the convenience of the student in mind. Private Lessons can be taught at our location (or VIA Skype) and can be arranged by phone. View our private lessons page for our tuition.

Can I really learn French easily? “Mais oui!” say the teachers of the French Language Salon™. Our easy-to-learn curriculum is designed for busy lifestyles. The French Language Salon is the exciting “new” French language program with a 40-year track record. French Language Salon students develop an intuitive understanding of French in friendly, small-class settings. Whether you’re new to the language, need a refresher, or are advanced, the French Salon has a level for you.

Director François Thibaut has been teaching French to all ages since the 1970’s. He’s best known for founding the renowned Language Workshop for Children and the Cercle Franco Americain French for Adults program in 1973.

Students thrive when they’re comfortable, are placed at the right level, and get personal attention. That’s why French Salon classes are small and interactive. Our curriculum blends Thibaut’s work with children with his time-tested method for helping students become truly conversant. There are no tests and no pressure. We trust that you’re here to learn.

The French Language Salon is one-of-a-kind. No other language program has such a deep understanding of how every age learns to speak and understand language. You’re never pressured, and we care about your progress.

Start your journey toward mastering this beautiful language at The French Language Salon!

Our Classes

Free Materials • Call Us for a Free Evaluation


  • ID: 62

Students who are completely new to French start in the Beginner Level. If you are unsure of your level, please call our office at (212).628.2700 and we will be happy to give you a brief evaluation to determine your specific needs.

  • 10 Lessons
  • Level Beginner
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Essentials For Travelers

  • ID: 815

Essentials for Travelers is a one-time three hour course where the student learns many phrases to help them on their travels to a French-speaking country. The focus is on language that is needed in the most common situations the average traveler will encounter.

  • Single (1 Time) Lessons
  • Level Beginner
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  • ID: 816

Intermediate students have successfully completed Beginners 20-hour course (or have been recommended to start at this level). Intermediates continue building their post-beginner French conversation and comprehension skills, expand their vocabulary, and refine their pronunciation.

  • 5-10 Lessons
  • Level Intermediate
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Advanced Classes

  • ID: 817

This advanced French class is designed for adults who have mastered verb tenses and want to polish their conversation skills in a stimulating, small-group, round-table discussion involving current events. This program is conducted entirely in French.

  • 5-30+ Lessons
  • Level Advanced
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Private Lessons

  • ID: 818

Each lesson lasts 60-120 minutes and is scheduled with the convenience of the student in mind. Private Lessons can be taught at our location or via Skype.

  • 5-30+ Lessons
  • Level All
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Other Classes

  • ID: 819

The French Language Salon also offers some other business and location based French classes. If you have not found what you are looking for in our other class types, maybe one of these ones is for you!

  • Level All
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Languages for Children

  • ID: 961

The French Language Salon partners with The Language Workshop for Children to offer classes, camps, preschools, and private lessons to children 6m-8y old.

  • 10 Lessons
  • Level Beginner
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Free Materials • Call Us for a Free Evaluation