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Director François Thibaut is a self-taught language researcher and educator who has developed successful French language teaching methods for children and adults. In 2019, he was honored with the Chevalier de l’ Ordre des Palmes Académiques (Order of Academic Palms) for his contribution to French language and culture.

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    1. Why should I choose the French Language Salon?

    At the French Language Salon, our team is committed to providing an individualized learning experience for every student. Students who choose to study with us can expect one-on-one attention from a highly-trained teacher, methods of instruction that meet their learning styles, and engaging course materials. This combination of the right teacher, right method, and right materials means our students learn rapidly and meet and exceed their language goals.

    Our director, François Thibaut, is invested in every student at the Salon. He developed the proprietary Thibaut Technique, a method that combines visual memory and emotions to engage students and give them an intuitive sense of conversational French. He not only creates the lesson plans and trains teachers in the Thibaut technique, but also teaches students himself and works with the other teachers to support their progress.

    2. There are so many methods of learning a second language. What makes your method different?

    After working with children and adults for more than 40 years, and observing the similarities and differences between how children and adults learn a second language, Mr. Thibaut developed a specific method that appeals to different types of learners. Our method (known as the “Thibaut technique”) is unique for many reasons. Rather than memorize long lists of grammar rules and vocabulary, the Thibaut technique uses a combination of integrated grammar, conversation, and visual aids. Each lesson, written by director Francois Thibaut himself, focuses on the strong connection between emotion and memory. Just as we remember things most clearly when there is an emotion attached to it, the visual aids send emotions to the brain, making learning a foreign language fun and easy.
    Many of the visuals contained in his multi-award winning Mr. Toto curriculum were adapted to adults and tested on numerous students.

    The lessons at the French Language Salon are also focused on “you.” There are no textbooks with imaginary characters like Madame Durant asking you to explain what she is doing! The best way to learn language is by owning each conversation and partaking in it yourself, with “you” as the central character. That is why we build our lessons around realistic situations involving you and real people.

    Our classes are different because they rely on practical vocabulary and everyday conversation. We avoid teaching vocabulary words you are unlikely to ever use. Instead, we focus on everything you need to know in order to have effective and meaningful conversations with native speakers.

    Lastly, there’s no pressure at the French Language Salon– no tests, no hours of studying long charts. Our goal is to ensure you leave each session with a grasp of fundamentals that help you think in your chosen language naturally. Our job is to make the language intuitive for you, instead of a memory game.

    3. Do you use immersion in your classes?

    We have found that 100% immersion works well with children and adults who take a foreign language class every day. For beginners taking class once a week, it is more realistic to apply what we call the rule of “nearly all in French.” Very minimal English is used in the first few classes. Throughout the course, we will gradually use less and less English so that by your tenth class, we are speaking nearly entirely in French.

    The use of English allows beginners to feel comfortable and gain a stronger understanding of their own abilities. Over time, students stop using English all on their own. They find that they no longer need it to take part in conversations and class sessions.

    4. How do you compare your teachers to other teachers in other schools?

    All teachers at the French Language Salon are native speakers, and trained in the Thibaut technique. Our director Francois Thibaut is a native French speaker with over 40 years of experience teaching French to children and adults. His methods have been well documented in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and New York Post, among others. He currently writes the lessons for and takes part in all French classes himself.

    We are so confident you’ll have a great experience that we offer a guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your 10 week (beginner) session, you can repeat the course with absolutely zero charge.

    5. How long will it take me to learn a language?

    Results differ for everyone, but it is common that after 10 weeks (20 hours) you will be able to have a basic conversation. After 40 hours, you will feel comfortable speaking in the past, and future tense, and after 60 hours you will be able to speak in all three tenses, and express your opinion about a wide range of topics. We give you the best materials and lessons you need to learn quickly, and our professors are always willing to meet with you to discuss your progress!

    6. Do I need to know what my language level is?

    No need— Francois Thibaut personally meets with all new students for an introductory consultation and even teaches their initial classes. He will assess your level and match you with a teacher and course of study that is just right for you.

    7. How long are lessons and how often will I have them?

    This depends on you and your schedule! Because our lessons are private, there is more flexibility to meet for a duration and frequency that is convenient for you. Typically lessons are either half an hour or an hour long, but this can vary based on a student’s needs. Likewise, students most often choose to have lessons once a week, but other options can be accommodated. When you fill out your contact form, let us know what you are interested in.

    8. Are there tests? Homework?

    We have a no-test policy at French Language Salon. This takes the pressure off – learning a new language should be fun! We do assign homework as a way to reinforce the lessons you learn and help you practice between classes. The homework we give consists mostly of listening to materials covered in class. Many students have reported that they do this easily on a subway ride on their way to work, or on the treadmill at the gym. In other words, it’s all very manageable.

    9. Will I need to purchase expensive materials?

    Nope! Our proprietary, custom-made learning materials are provided to you and included in the cost of your lessons.

    10. Why learn a foreign language?

    There are many reasons to learn another language. Bilingualism makes you more competitive in the workplace, gives you an opportunity to travel far and wide, and makes it possible to communicate in different situations.

    Clearly, there are many opportunities to use French to communicate with many other people in the world, including those in your community. Speaking a foreign language helps you get to know the culture, too, since language and culture go hand in hand.

    Language is innate to all of us. We don’t often think about what we say and why we say it. Learning another language gives you new skills and abilities, and can also help you understand your own language better.

    11. What is the best way to learn a foreign language?

    The classes at the French Language Salon are built around the concept of combining real communication and context/scenario-based conversation. By using practical conversation, the language is learned in such a way that it becomes intuitive. This technique sets students up to become fluent, but also, students who learn in this way are more likely to continue their language studies and feel excited about learning.

    12. How do I register?

    Just fill out the contact form on this page or in the Private Lessons tab and we will reach out to you right away!

    13. What is your makeup policy?

    We recommend that you attend all of the classes in your session for maximum progress. In the event of an absence, the student will be invited to participate in another class. If the class is full, the student may observe his/her make-up class. We do our best to provide make-up classes at the same level, but this cannot be guaranteed.