Reach Your Goals on Your Own Schedule

with François Thibaut and His Team

Why private lessons?

In our years of experience, we have found that when it comes to learning a second language, nothing beats one-on-one, personalized instruction from an expert teacher. While taking classes with other students can be beneficial, group classes often combine students with significantly different language levels; this mismatch can interfere with learning for all the students. Learning one-on-one maximizes the amount of speaking time for the student —more practice means more progress. Additionally, a one-on-one class with a native speaker means students’ ears are not confused by listening to the developing accents or slip-ups of their classmates. Private lessons also allow more flexibility to learn on your own schedule, at your own pace. This individualized attention —combined with our world-class teachers and custom teaching materials— allows our students to learn French rapidly, meeting and exceeding their own goals.

Semi-Private Student Discount

A second student(*) is welcome to join (if he/she has the same level) at a premium of 25% per hour.

For example: If two students are enrolling for Private Lessons together:

• they will pay $118.75/hr if they are charged one class at a time,
• they will pay $100.00/hr if they prepay for 30 hours.

*There is a 2 student maximum.

Private Lessons Using the Thibaut Techique® 30 Minutes 1 Hour
10 Lessons $495 $900
20 Lessons $900 $1,700
30 Lessons $1,295 $2,400

Transform Learning with the Right Tools

Intentionally Designed Materials

To support learning in between lessons, each of our students receives free class materials and audio files customized specifically for their language journey. All French Language Salon materials correspond directly with material covered in each lesson and reinforce lessons in:

  • Vocabulary
  • Concepts
  • Forms of Expression
  • How to Ask and Respond to Questions
  • How to Describe and Discuss Different Topics
  • Grammar and Conversation
  • Practical Scenarios

Collect a library of reinforcement materials by enrolling today!

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    Hear From Our Students

    “Mr. Thibaut as my private teacher  is so experienced…, and knows exactly how to design and structure his private classes based on the student’s needs. His explaining techniques were very clear and efficient.”

    Miriam D, Student

    “I have learned more using this method than I did in months at the Alliance Francais. Francois is a great instructor who gives everyone a chance.”

    Dianne K Student