Our Teaching Method

The French Language Salon is designed to serve the adult language learner, ages 18 and above. With class offerings ranging from beginner to advanced, we can accommodate long-term study, prepare students for overseas travel, and train pupils to interact in French language business environments. With our private lessons in-person, or through Skype, you get individualized attention and a curriculum tailored to your specific needs. Our method puts adult language learners at ease while stimulating and challenging them with real-life, relevant sample conversations. From the beginning, our French students are encouraged, but never pressured, to practice articulating their new language and perfecting their pronunciation under the guidance of native-speaking teachers.

No matter what your level, we offer:

  • Culture as part of the curriculum
  • Grammar presented within conversation, instead of boring drills
  • Small, supportive classes
  • Private lessons with one-on-one interaction
  • An emphasis on conversation
  • An environment designed to build confidence
  • Techniques for helping you think and converse in an immersion-only environment
  • Practical words and real-life settings
  • Easy, memory-reinforcing templates
  • French Language Salon visual cues and aids
  • Methods to help you learn the nuances of pronunciation

François Thibaut, Director

François Thibaut is a self-taught language researcher and educator who has developed successful French language teaching methods for children and adults. He has created Cercle Franco Americain, The French Workshop for Children, The Language Workshop For Children, and the French Language Salon.

Thibaut has proved that students of different ages (toddlers, children, adults) require a different approach to language learning. For toddlers and children, language immersion in a structured play group on a regular basis triggers the process of learning. Adults learn best by focusing on conversations that integrate conjugation and grammar into the conversation, as well as the value of French culture, its sociability, and its sense of hospitality.

This led to the creation of language education materials, including original songs, games, books, and the “Professor Toto” video series.

François Thibaut knighted into French Ordre des Palmes Academiques.

François Thibaut knighted into French Ordre des Palmes Academiques on July 5, 2019. A national order of France, the honor is bestowed upon distinguished academics who “contribute actively to the expansion of French culture in the world”.

Professional Classroom Tools Produced by The French Language Salon

All students who enroll in a class at the French Language Salon receive free class materials & a CD produced specifically for your program, and allows you to study at home.

Each French Language Salon CD corresponds with the material covered in each lesson, and can be used in combination with the materials distributed to students during class. No matter which level, the French Language Salon class work/CD sets help you reinforce lessons in:

  • Vocabulary
  • Concepts
  • Forms of Expression
  • How to Ask and Respond to Questions
  • How to Describe and Discuss Different Topics
  • Grammar & Conversation
  • And Practical Scenarios

Collect a library of reinforcement materials by enrolling today!

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