Study Smarter. Not Harder.

At every level, the French and international exams and tests present a combination of written and oral tests, and / or MCQ-type (multiple choice questions). This combination ensures the highest level of selectivity, regardless of the subject.

Before starting the preparation, we assess the candidate’s precise needs and identify their possible shortcomings and weakest points. A student’s level of fluency is never consistent across all types of subjects. We, thus develop a general examination training program that focuses on one or more of the components to be reinforced (spelling, rich vocabulary, logical reasoning, argumentation techniques, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE: Whichever program is offered; we will integrate a significant amount of personal work to be done by the student. Exam preparation with the Cercle Franco-Américain requires assigning regular homework between each class.

Preparation for French and International Exams

  • French Baccalaureate: Preparation for the written and oral exam
  • International Baccalaureate: Preparation for the written and oral exam
  • TOEFL & CEFR Test: English, French, Spanish, Italian
  • AP, SAT, Regents: French
  • DALF, DELF : French
  • IELTS & CEC Cambridge: English
  • Canadian TEF: French

Class Duration : 1H, 1H30, 2H

Test Prep 60 Minute Private Lesson Tuition
Less than 10 Hours $125.00/hr
10-19 Hours $120.00/hr
20-29 Hours $115.00/hr
30+ Hours $110.00/hr
*Tuition may very slightly based on necessary preparation work. A free evaluation will allow us to tailor a specific curriculum for your child and determine the tuition.

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    High School Students

    Everybody does something well in school. Whether it’s your science or English or sports or extracurricular activities, there’s something out there you do well. But for many people out there, language classes are not on the top of that list. If you’re having trouble in a French class we’ve got you covered. Our award-winning, cutting-edge teaching staff of native speakers will not only be there to help you pull up your grades, but we’ll do it in a friendly and personalized environment tailored to your study habits. We’ve seen positive results in every student’s case we took in, and we’re not ready to stop.

    Prospective College Students

    Anxious about getting into that one school you’ve always dreamed of? Trying to get as many university opportunities as possible. Aiming for a French scholarship or any academic scholarship in general to make college more affordable? If these match your situation, then we can help you with that! We have qualified instructors to prepare you for the French subject tests for SAT, AP & CLEP, the European DELF/DALF, the Canadian TEF and other standardized testing a student has approaching or in the long term. It’s never too early to start!


    We also have services for specific fluency tests in each of the 29 French speaking countries. If you’re hoping to demonstrate your fluency to work in Canada, we have teachers to help you qualify on the TEF tests. If you want to work  anywhere with French speakers, we provide custom training based on that country’s requirements. We provide language competency test prep, as well as preparation for specific topics, such as business, sports, music and arts, or law. We don’t just want you to pass a test. We want you to thrive with your own experiences abroad and tell us about your success.