What People Are Saying About the French Language Salon

It was a real pleasure having Mr. Thibaut as my private teacher. He is so experienced in teaching French, and knows exactly how to design and structure his private classes based on the student’s needs. His explaining techniques were very clear and efficient. All materials presented were self explanatory and fun to learn with.

Mr. Thibaut was always very supportive and encouraging, making sure all new materials were fully understood by me. He gives multiple examples and illustrative explanations.

I would recommend Mr. Thibaut as a private teacher or a group instructor for those who are just starting to learn French or wants to improve his current level.

Enjoy these great classes at French Language Salon!

Marina K, Student

“I’m having so much fun learning French with TFLS!

François makes class enjoyable and it doesn’t even seem like work. Sometimes he even cracks jokes in French! The handouts and audio files are great for practice between classes. The audio files are also a great help with pronunciation that you can listen to as often as you like. The pace is really fast, but that’s good because I’m here to learn!”

Rich C, Student

“I love everything about this place! I’ve been wanting to renew my study of French for the longest time and wanted a fun, positive learning environment at a great price and I found it all at The French Language Salon. My teacher, Mr. Thibaut is the best- patient, upbeat, encouraging, warm and genuinely invested in each student’s progress. The online class sizes are intimate which makes for lots of personal attention and guidance. The prices are a steal!

I first considered Alliance Francaise, a few blocks away, but it costs a fortune and seemed kind of cold/stiff. I have been taking French at the Language Salons since 1/24 and I’ve learned SO much! Each class consists of a good balance between conversation, grammar, vocabulary and review + you get free audio files for continued practice at home. You learn in the most fun and natural way. Despite how busy I am, and unpredictable my schedule as a performing artist, I won’t sacrifice my French class! It has been one of my BEST purchases, enriching my life on so many levels. I’m actually speaking French and it’s AMAZING!”

Suzana S, Student

“I have never had any real exposure to French and have wanted to learn it for a while. I have taken 10 classes at the beginners level with Francois who is terrific. The class has a maximum of 8 people with different degrees of capability but Francois is able to provide great patience and feedback to each student. You are given handouts and audio files which I ripped onto my iPod. It helps me to review things I learned while on the go. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning French. bonne chance!”

Nahima A, Student

“I started my class after the other students had 5 prior weeks and was very impressed! I thought, wow – these folks are comfortable and willing to take risks learning a new language which is very reflective of the teaching process. I especially like that so many different nationalities are represented and there is a sense of camaraderie. Professor Francois has made everyone feel comfortable enough to challenge themselves as beginners.

My previous French classes were in Junior High School and College which was over 40 years ago. This approach of course is much different and very impressive. The audio as a supplement for pronunciation provides reinforcement.

Professor Francois’s strengths is that he puts a lot of effort into the work he presents. By mixing up his approach the class is very interesting and moves along at nice pace. I appreciate that he has a sense of humor and provides a good learning environment. I was again very impressed to see how the students were all friendly with each othe, even online,r which I think is a result of Professor Francois making everyone feel included and comfortable.”

Grace T, Student

“I have learned more using this method than I did in months at the Alliance Francais. Francois is a great instructor who gives everyone a chance.”

Dianne H, Student

“I love this technique because we learn in complete sentences.”

Liana M, Student

“The way the class was handled gave us numerous opportunities to verbalize our knowledge. I thought it was a brilliant way to engage each and every one of us.”

Iris K, Student

“I think I have learned more French with Francois in just 10 weeks than what I did in 6 months of college 20 years ago! The supplimental materials are both fun, instructive and simple, especially with its visuals, yet challenging enough to learn and keep learning. The instructor is great, very patient, he enjoys what he does, and makes sure that everyone gets to practice and learn in each class.”

Ramon O, Student

“What is wonderful about the Salon is the intangible elements of a French language community. I always felt accepted and supported which made me focus more on my own progress rather than any sense of competition. This in turn has made learning easier.”

Stuart L, Student

“I have been wanting to study French for sometime. I had very little knowledge of the language, the last time I was exposed to it, I was in grade school. I’m 50 now, so it’s been a while. So far I’ve taken 12 classes, it has been exciting ,exhilarating and challenging.

I’ve learned quite a bit…between the classes ,audio component , Francois and lots of study I am completely 100% satisfied. It’s been fabulous actually!

Au Revoir et bonne chance!”

M. S. , Student

“I have immensely enjoyed the services of the FLS. For the first time, I really feel conversant in French.”

Arthur R. Ashe, Student

“I am presently in my third continuous year at the French Language Salon and would like to let you know how much classes there have become a significant part of my life. Through the methods used and the absolutely natural abilities of your instructional staff, my fluency has greatly increased. In addition, I have been made to feel more comfortable in the language.

The learning process, though well-thought-out and well-prepared, appears to be completely casual and, as a result, the ambiance is relaxed. I have made many friends in my classes.

Needless to say, but I will say it nevertheless, I would highly recommend that anyone with even the slightest desire to learn the French language try the Fench Language Salon. I myself plan to continue my studies there for many years to come.” Gerald F. Luboff, Student

“The atmosphere at the French Language Salon is relaxed and friendly. There is just enough structure in their teaching methods to guide your learning. Yet, somehow it all seems natural. You find yourself progressing and growing more confident naturally because you are involved and having fun while you learn.”

Judith Erickson, Student

“At the French Language Salon you are given the confidence to speak modern idiomatic French. The groups are small enough to give everyone ample opportunity to converse, but large enough to allow you to e-meet a variety of interesting people. C’est formidable.”

Paul Racine, Student

“Though I am quite shy – in any language! – I found the atmosphere unusually comfortable and supportive. I believe this was due to the easy manner, enthusiasm, and expertise of our native French teacher.

In all, the FLS struck me as a serious but friendly learning experience. It’s a place for learning and enjoying.”

Carol Sharin, Student

“Before starting with the French Language Salon, I attended another class where I was confused and learned very little. I have had 12 lessons with the French Language Salon
and have found a breakthrough within myself in the speaking of French. My teachers are kind, patient, and sincerely concerned with my progress.”

Marvin Schwartz, Student

“Excellent service. Instructor was engaging and made learning a new language fun and easy.”

Steven Q, Student

“They have been very clear in their communications and the level of instruction is superlative.”

Ashley D, Student

“Teacher has his individual way of giving French to pupils. I like that.”

Jacob S, Student

“The classes are fast paced but easy to follow. 8 people max per group and everyone speaks a little bit during the class. There are no books required and you get handouts emailed to you with the lesson of the week. They were very accommodating with me.”

Sarah C, Student