The Magic of French

French is one of the most beautiful and melodic languages on earth. French is the primary means by which business, culture, and everyday life is conducted in much of Western Europe, North and Central Africa, Eastern Canada, and the Caribbean. It’s central to the fields of medical research, international diplomacy, banking, fashion, wine, cooking, as well as luxury goods manufacturing.

After English, French is the most studied language on Earth. Join ranks with an estimated 300 million “Francophones” around the world. The language’s popularity is just one of the many reasons why, each year, France welcomes more tourists than any other country.

Some of the world’s most renowned authors wrote in French. Their works are available in translations, but only by understanding their original French do we fully appreciate the sentiments, and the life-lessons, that these authors were trying to convey. By learning French you will find yourself being able to watch operas, listen to French music, or watch French films without relying on the translations.

When you can use the language with confidence, and as an equal, you will feel like a part of the French-speaking world; interacting with the 75 million people who call French their native tongue.