Things You Need to Know About French Baccalaureat


French is one of the world’s most widely spoken and loved languages. With its rich history and unique way of expressing itself through its food, France is an important country and a cultural hub that many people want to visit. Learning French can be challenging when you first start.

Did you know you can earn a diploma if you study the language? It’s called the French Baccalaureat (Le Bac), and here are some things you need to know about it:

  • Le Bac is a diploma that takes two years to complete
    It is a national examination required for all students who wish to pursue higher education at public institutions in France and abroad. High school students usually earn it in their final year of secondary school.
  • Le Bac consists of two parts
    Firstly the “Classes Préparatoires” or Preparatory Classes; the second part, which takes place during your second year at university, is called “Première Année de Licence” or First Year of Undergraduate Studies.
  • It’s required for entrance into a French university
    After passing both parts of your Le Bac exams with good grades, you’ll receive your certificate and be able to attend any French university that suits your interests.

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