Artist Spotlight: Dave NIZET – Director & Photographer (Avranches – Normandie)

Dave is not a French current given name:  Back in the 70s, Dave was also the name of a romantic pop-song performer coming from Netherland. May be due to this origin, not only Dave Nizet has a unique first name that everybody loves, but he also is artistically gifted and passionate about travelling.

In his own way, Dave NIZET is a stranger in Paris. Most of his youth has been spent in remote French areas and beyond, all wonderful places to discover: la vallée des Ardennes, la baie de Somme et la baie du Mont Saint Michel, Nouméa sur l’Ile de Tahiti… Thanks to his camera, he offers us a wonderful journey within the Paris he fell in love with, coming back to the City of Light in 2003.

Enjoy the lights and shades Dave Nizet has captured on the most valuable sites of the French Capital. More to come and to be discovered about his artistic work on Le Bog du Salon :  The French Caribbean’s, The Cap Vert Island, Amalfi’s coast, Morroco …

The French Language Salon proudly partners with Dave NIZET French Director and Photographer Amateur