#2 Artist’s Houses in France: Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo is one of the most famous French authors who influenced a lot during his time, both on a cultural and social level. He was known as a man with a strong temperament and unwavering ideals. Hugo was also one of the few artists to have known success during their life, opposed to post-mortem, and the only one that lived on a street bearing his name!

He also moved a lot, often to escape troubles due to his disagreement with the French government. As a result, there are no less than 3 houses of his that you can visit, one of them in Belgium!

The first one, Place des Vosges in Paris, became a museum dedicated to the writer, created for the centenary of his death by his friend Paul Meurice. The museum contains many unique pieces such as Victor Hugo’s manuscripts and graphic works.

The second one, 38 rue Hauteville at Saint-Pierre-Port in Guernsey, is the house acquired by Victor Hugo during his exile during the Second Empire. It had been decorated and furnished by the author himself. It belongs now to the city of Paris and has also been turned into a museum.

The last one, Quai Victor Hugo at Villequier, is an important place for Victor Hugo. Indeed, this was there that he lost his daughter, Leopoldine. Her death touched him deeply and inspired numerous writings such as “The Contemplations”. The house is now a museum too, which was formed thanks to the donations from Hugo’s descendants. The cemetery when his daughter and wife are buried can also be visited.

3 Houses to explore which reflect 3 periods of Hugo’s life. Enjoy your visits!