#3 Artist’s House: Claude Monet

Claude Monet‘s house is a piece of art on its own: colorful, warm, vibrant and lively!

At 43 years old, after deciding to start a new life with his mistress and his kids, Monet came back to his home town of Normandy. He set himself up in Giverny and imbues himself with nature by diving into gardening and painting. He also decided to buy a small islet where he built his workshop along the Seine.

When you walk in the gardens, you can see a small Japanese bridge over a pond. In that pond, beautiful water lilies cover the surface of the water. This is where Monet decided to pain the Nympheas, which is one of his most famous pieces.

It was a happy and inspiring time for the artist, who then started his most famous series which included the Cathedrales, the Stacks, and the Poplars.

Success quickly follows and he gets the right to show at the Durand-Ruel Art Gallery.

After his death, his house is abandoned. But in 1966, it was restored thanks to The Institute of France and to donations from America.

Fondation Claude-Monet, 84, rue Claude-Monet, 27620 Giverny.