Top 10: Movies to Help Learn French

To continue our series on the best ways to practice French, it felt logical to make a list of top movies after already listing the top songs.

It might be a bit more complicated to get your hands on these movies, as for the most part, they are not available for free. However, if you have Netflix, iTunes or any other streaming service, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding them available to stream or purchase (with subtitles).

We’ve prepared a list of movies from multiple genres including classics, comedy, romance, action, animated films and even a thriller! Spicing up your French evening can’t be bad, right? Don’t worry though, we are providing a short description of each movie to help you decide which might interest you.

We chose these movies based on how easy they are to understand, but also for their quality as a movie. We did not want you to fall asleep! So all of them are famous and known for being great!

Done with the promises, let’s get into the topic at hand, our list of movies:

  1. Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain (2001), Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Comedy, Romantic. An everyday life movie with a unique style internationally famous. EASY
  2. Intouchable (2011), Olivier Nakache. Comédie-Dramatique. French humor blended with a true and moving story. A young man from the suburbs becomes the assistant to a very rich handicapped man, a real cultural shock. A recent movie which is one of the biggest successes over the last years. EASY
  3. Un Monstre à Paris (2011), Bibo Bergeron. Comedy, Animation. The only animation movie of the list. However the story is interesting enough for adults to enjoy it. The songs also give the opportunity to learn vocabulary easily. EASY
  4. Le Diner de Cons (1998) Francis Weber. Comedy, Classic. The established classic of the French comedy genre. Perfect example to discover French humor and the « Jeux de mots » (puns). The song “Le temps ne fait rien à l’affaire” de Georges Brassens translates the movie perfectly. EASY-MEDIUM
  5. La 7e Compagnie (1973-1977), Robert Lamoureux. Comedy, Historical. A famous trilogy of comedy films with the greatest french actors. Tells the story of a company of soldiers like no other during WWII. EASY-MEDIUM
  6. Un Gars, Une Fille (1999-2003). Comedy, Romantic. The only TV show on the list and with a more contemporary humor. Short episodes following the life of a couple. Available on YouTube, so this one is very easy to find. MEDIUM
  7. La Môme (2007), Olivier Dahan. Drama, Biopic. Life story of the famous french artist Edith Piaf, brilliantly played by Marion Cotillard. MEDIUM
  8. Coco avant Channel (2009), Anne Fontaine. Drama, Biopic. Another biopic but this time we explore the life story of Coco Chanel, creator of the famous luxury brand. MEDIUM
  9. Les Rivières Pourpres (The Crimson Rivers) (2000), Matthieu Kassovitz. Action, Thriller. An exciting thriller that borders on paranormal with Jean Reno, the famous actor from Léon, the Professional. MEDIUM +
  10. 20 ans d’écart (2013), David Moreau. Comedy, Romantic. The most recent of all. A light-heated movie with a simple story that is both touching and funny. A work-addict criticized for her lack of a romantic life, hires a young 20 year old man to be her lover. MEDIUM +

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