How to practice your French at home

Taking conversation classes is the best way to learn more about your favorite language. However, working on it during your spare time is always a great idea. And there are fun and easy ways to do so.

Watching TV

Most TV providers give you access to French channels which are mostly news channels. They can also give you the option to change the audio settings to another language. Watching a movie, news or any program in French will train your hear to different accents and speed.


Of course, today, the Internet brings you everything you can dream of. The best examples for language are YouTube and Netflix.Netflix provides international content where you are able to change the audio and/or the subtitles to French. Find a good movie, put the audio in French, with subs in French or English, and Netflix and chill as they say.  France is one of the biggest YouTube users and a lot of great creators post new content every day. Find a theme (history, science, travel…) or a style (fun, serious…) you like and enjoy your French videos thanks to features such as subtitles, video speed, rewind and pause…To help you choose among a huge amount of channels, here are a selection of channels with a small description. Most of them have French and English subtitles. I would advise to start with older videos to make sure you get the subtitles if you need them.

Of course, you can also find French News and a lot of other channels on YouTube and other websites. This list only provides you famous French channels with official subtitles.


If you don’t like to watch TV or videos, you can find a lot of books in French in libraries or booksellers.

If you don’t find what you are looking for on YouTube or Netflix, I can help. Feel free to ask me in the comments!