The Advantages of Using Skype for your French Lessons

The French Language Salon‘s team has been teaching French for more than 45 years in Manhattan. Over the years, we learned to adapt our methods to the current needs of our students. We realized that students are traveling (and working) more and are less available to take classes on-site. For this reason, we decided to launch our Skype classes a few years ago, with much success!

Benefits it added: 

  • More flexible schedule.
  • Classes anywhere in the world, even if you travel for work, move or take a vacation.
  • A new way to learn while having “a lot more fun”.

What hasn’t changed: 

  • The method. It’s still the same and you will learn as much as you would during a class at our location.
  • The results. They are identical, with the same advancement over time.
  • The quality of teaching. We are the same teachers on Skype or in person.

To sum it up, whatever your level, if you desire to learn or practice French with us without leaving your home, it is now possible with guaranteed results!

Another bonus: For kids (4+), Skype can be the most efficient alternative to lessons in a classroom.
Why? A screen helps most kids focus, even those with high energy. 

Any questions? Feel free to contact us to learn more about our French classes both online through Skype or our Group Lessons in person.