Celebrate Easter in France

Easter exists in France and in America but there are a few differences between the 2 celebrations.

In France, even if this is a religious holiday, it is more often a family holiday to celebrate the beginning of Spring. Normally, the French Spring Break always happens around this date.

Another difference is there is no bunny, but there are some flying bells. Indeed, the Easter bunny is more of a German tradition, not a French one. Even if the famous bunny is known in the Hexagon, the chocolate bells are the most sold items in the stores. Remnants of a religious tradition, it says that flying bells, blessed by the Pope, would came back from Rome full of presents. So full that would drop many of those on their way.

Everybody knows what’s next: the egg hunt. In the yard or in public parks, every French child gathers to pick up as many eggs as they can.

Often, they come back home with their basket full of chocolate but have to wait the end of the dinner to devour them. Strangely, a few eggs always go missing long before that…

For dinner, the traditional food is the “Pasqual lamb” (meaning “Easter lamb”). This piece of lamb is cooked for the whole family and represents the new Spring. To respect the tradition, you need to set up your table with spring-themed decorations, nice flowers and vivid colors.

And for dessert, to your baskets! But be wary of indigestion. Happy holidays!