Paris-Plages: A Beach in Paris

A beach in Paris? Is this even possible? Yes, it is! In 2002, Paris ran temporary artificial beaches along the Seine for the 1st time and they have been doing it every summer ever since.

Well, even though a lot of Parisians leave the city during summer, the rest of them stay in the capital with the many tourists that are visiting. So instead of them going to the beach 2 hours away, the beach comes to them. And this year, big news, they can even swim at it for the first time!

There are 2 main beach locations, the Parc Rives de Seines and the La Villette canal basin (perfect spot to swim and sunbathe). Added to the artificial sand is a splash of fun activities such as water sports, workshops for kids, exhibitions, and of course, refreshment kiosks and ice-cream sellers! Here you are, welcome to Paris-Plages!

Interesting fact: since its creation, others cities like Toulouse, Lille or Dijon did their own beach in the city!