Top 5: Unusual Hotels in France

You don’t want to be like any other tourist? Are you looking for something different for your stay in France? Let the adventurer in you take over and spend your nights in the most  unusual French hotels.

A Night in a Light House

Spend one night  where only the sound of the waves disturb your peace. At 82 ft. high, this will certainly be the best view you could ever get from any sea side hotel. The Lighthouse of Kerbel gite is a reinvigorating and relaxing experience.

A Night in a Monastery or a Royal abbey

Here are 2 different  places with a common theme: to sleep in a religious building converted into a hotel. The Couvent des Minimes and the Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud give you the unique opportunity to spend one night (or more) inside architectural masterpieces while enjoying the comfort of a luxury hotel.

A Night “Back in Time”

At the extreme opposite of those luxury hotels, the Carré Rouge (Red Square) is a unique experience where you decide to literally get away from civilization. No electricity, no running water in a cube made of concrete, lost in the wild. This unique construction is actually an art piece created by the artist Gloria Friedman.

A Night in the “Haras Nationaux”

The Cavalry was an important. maybe the most  important, and well respected part of the French army back in time. Therefore, a luxurious stud farm  (called Haras) was created for them, consisting of huge buildings with uncommon architecture. Today, Strasbourg’s Haras (East of France), classified Historical Monuments has become a sumptuous hotel decorated especially to remind people of their equestrian origins with wood and leather. It is also known to be the perfect  place for food lovers.

 A Night in a Fortified Castle

How would it be an article about atypical hotels of France without speaking about a castle? And, if we are going to speak about castle, let’s choose the biggest one in Europe, the Castle of Sedan.  Are you ready to spend the night in a millennium site full of history, where you will discover through epic shows the life during medieval times including Knights fighting and walk with a torch.