Reimagine Summer 2020: Join Us in a Multicultural Challenge

Summer 2020 is shaping up to be one for the history books. Exciting travel adventures, much-anticipated family reunions, and months of being carefree are being replaced with a slow emersion from sheltering in place and ample confusion about how to do so safely.

With most states are at the beginning stages of moving away from sheltering in place mandates, we’re all left trying to make sense of this “new normal” without giving up our need for connectedness and community.

Rather than struggle through alone, we invite you to join us in a unique challenge. Together, as a community, let’s Reimagine Summer 2020.

How? Mark Summer 2020 as the first season of your year and make it a year of French immersion. Acquaint yourself with the language for the first time or fine tune the skills you’ve already acquired. Create menus that bring France’s cultural flair into your kitchen multiple nights a week. Discover the nearly endless treasure trove of French literature. And, best of all, let yourself get lost in fantasies of an epic Summer 2021 trip to your favorite French region. By then, you’ll wine and dine with the locals like a true native.

We’re Right Here with You- Doing Our Part. Here’s What You can Look Forward to From us:

  • Practical French for All: Regardless of where you are in your French language journey, this “one size fits all” class introduces practical, everyday phrases and idioms to jump start your summer of French perfection.
  • Inspiring Blog Series: From “Common Mistakes Non-Native Make” to “Tips for Getting Kids in on the Fun,” our blog will deliver weekly inspiration and ideas for keeping the cultural immersion going all summer long.
  • Contests and Giveaways: Be sure to check in with us regularly on Facebook, as we will be hosting fun contests to inspire you to keep it up!
  • Where Might You Go in 2021?: A comprehensive guide to French travel destinations, this ebook is your cheat sheet for planning your 2021 French escape.

Some of our greatest ideas come from you: be sure to share what you’re doing to reimagine summer. Use #ReimagineSummer #SummerWithFLS