Corsica, Napoleon’s island

Corsica, île de beauté (beauty island*) which is located a hundred miles from the French coast, has a complicated and tumultuous history. Often invaded, its identity resisted external influences.

The Middles Ages were a difficult period for the small Mediterranean island.… Read More

#2 Artist’s Houses in France: Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo is one of the most famous French authors who influenced a lot during his time, both on a cultural and social level. He was known as a man with a strong temperament and unwavering ideals. Hugo was also one of the few artists to have known success during their life, opposed to post-mortem, and the only one that lived on a street bearing his name!… Read More

D-Day and Double Agents

D-Day is one of most important events of World War II.

The Context
France and part of Europe are invaded. England still fights the Germans but the situation is complex. The decision is made to launch a great operation to end the war. England became the training grounds for the allied troops waiting to be deployed.… Read More