Do you know that many objects are named after their inventor? – Part 1

Here the two fold story of the French nouns that were originally the last name of the person who invented them:

Part 1:

“Un Amphitryon” can be used in a very formal language as “a host who receives guests for diner”. This name became popular after the success of a Moliere play from the XVIIth century, whose main character was called this way.… Read More

French Idioms: What do they mean?

French language is full of idioms that seem to be coming from nowhere. Indeed, we do love to embellish our way of speaking! Below is the origin of some common idioms:

“To fall into the apples” means to faint. This idiom is believed to be invented by George Sand, a contemporary writer who used to write “I’m in the cooked apples” when she was feeling very tired.… Read More