Nom d’un chien !

20% of the French households own a dog. If he is a male dog he is more likely to be named “Snoopy” and if she is a female, the most common name is “Lady”.

For more than 50 years, the favorite French dog breed has been the German Shepherd. Today, the Labrador Retriever, famous for his kindness, is the first choice of the families with children.

In Paris, the reason one picks a breed has much more to do with fashion trends. Currently, the Jack Russel terrier is the must have dog of the French hipster “cool” guy. It’s been many years now that having a Dachshund in Paris is a synonym of great snobbery. As opposed to kind of macho guys who love to sit a German Short-haired Pointer at the back of their four-wheel-drive car.

Whatever breed the dog belongs to, he’s perceived in Paris as a massive seduction weapon since an American study showed that women are more attracted to a man walking a dog than to a man showing a top of the line cell phone.

Parisians favorite dogs:

  • The Chihuahua: Very fashionable to women, he’s more likely to live in the very chic 16th borough of Paris.
  • The Maltase Poodle as well as the Yorkshire Terrier: are very popular in the high income residential areas, especially in the 17th borough.
  • The Labrador Retriever: Because he loves water and needs a lot of space, he usually belongs to families who live in the 12th borough near Vincennes woods.
  • The Jack Russel Terrier: is the favorite of men in their thirties.
  • The Akita-Inu: Is today’s darling dog. A raising star in Paris!

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