Michel Sardou : The final show of an iconic French singer

Following his last concert at La Cigale in Paris on April 12th, we proudly introduce you to Michel Sardou. Michel is one of the most  iconic French singers, whose career spanned more than fifty years.

In France, everybody knows at least one of his songs. The most famous include “La maladie d’amour”, “Être une femme”, “Je vole” and “Les lacs du Connemara”: Any student knows this one very well as it’s usually the song that is used to end every single student dance party in France!

Michel Sardou was born in a comedians household. His career sky-rocketed at the age of 20, with the song “Les Ricains” (which means the Americans in French slang). This song celebrates the American heroes of June 6, 1944, the Normandy D Day. In contradiction with the governmental political decisions at this time, the song has been censored.

During his 50 year career, the artist produced eighteen live albums and 26 recorded ones. In other words, 350 songs and one hundred million records sold! However, this singer is a believer who expresses his personal opinion on society, in his songs. In spite of his denial, one of his titles has been perceived when it’s been launched on 1981, as a provocation in the field of feminism. Still, this song was a huge hit at this time and remains highly popular today. Here is how the lyrics begin:

“A trip in Fantasy
That I make when I get bored
Makes me feel without any complex
Like switching sex overnight
And living the dramatic experience
Of becoming a woman”.

On December 2017, Michel Sardou decided to end up his carrier stating : “I came to the point that I say to myself that I prefer to stop when I’m still in a good shape and I still have a great voice … rather than declining slowly” Four thousand five hundred people attended his farewell show.

Enjoy the lyrics of one of the most popular French artists. Check out “Michel Sardou” on the net, pick any title of the play list and let it play!