Nathan Ambrosioni, prodigy of French Cinema

Nathan Ambrosioni is the director of Paper Flags. A drama that attracted a lot of attention internationally for its depth and emotional aspects. But the movie also impresses because of its director: a young 18 year-old French man showing his first feature film.

But how can you become director and be recognized internationally at such a young age? This is the story of Nathan and his passion for cinema.

Everything started when he was 12. He was watching his first horror movie despite his father’s reluctance  and the movie deeply scared him. That’s the trigger, he understands that you can make people feel emotions through movies and decides to become a movie director.

At 14 years old, he makes his first short movie with friends. It is a short “found footage” horror movie inspired by “The Blair Witch Project”. His father loves the result and offers him the chance to become a producer on his next movie. That’s how another short movie will come to light with a little bit more of a budget.

Later on, he will start watching other types of movies and will discover Xavier Dolan, another director who started at a young age. That makes him understand two things: Everyone can make movies and we can convey feelings other than fear.

It is during his graduation year that he will write Paper Flags, a drama about liberty and family. two themes that touch him personally. The main character comes from an article he read about an inmate and his difficulty to go back to society after his release. The movie shoot goes well, and even though the young man was directing actors older than him he acts as a director and not as a teenager (they started shooting when he was only 17 year-old).

The movie is a success worldwide, welcomed by the audience and the critics. It was screened at festivals such as “Films on the Green” in New York.