Paul Bocuse: The Pope of Gastronomy

France is the country of Haute Cuisine and as such, French people know to respect its representatives, the Chefs.

Paul Bocuse was without a doubt one the greatest chefs, gaining nicknames such as the Pope of Gastronomy, the Emperor, Cook of the Century, and Chef of the Century throughout his career.

Born in Lyon and faithful to his city all his life, Monsieur Paul started his career as a chef like anyone else, as kitchen help. First at la Mère Brazier, then with the Chef Fernand Point, an important figure at the time, with whom he discovered the pride of the profession.

Later, he opened his own restaurant in Lyon, L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges. Promoting what people will call “La nouvelle cuisine” (the new cuisine) where the presentation of the plates and the quality of the products take a dimension which is almost artistic. He got his first star in the Michelin guide in 1958, a second one in 1960, and a third one in 1965. Those stars, which he will keep throughout his career, make him the starred chef with the longest longevity, more than fifty years.

This man, a passionate character with a strong temper who is able to create the most subtle dishes, is the one who became the symbol of a cooking empire: The Bocuse Empire. He was not only an exceptional cook but also a well known ladies man, he was proudly committed to three women at the same time!

Among his estate: Restaurants, brasseries, a cooking academy, a foundation, an international cooking contest “Le Bocuse d’or”, many books, a compound in Orlando-Fl, and more. Paul Bocuse was well known for getting mad in the kitchen for the sake of the Grande Cuisine, and also for his free behavior for the sake of the pleasures of life.

His motto: “Courage is faithfulness: Faithfulness to taste, flavors, grande cuisine, friends. This means faithfulness to yourself” Faithful to himself he has been indeed, all life long until the end. He passed at the age of 91 in his home city of Lyon.

Good bye Monsieur Paul.