How is a Parisian going to get dressed for Christmas Eve in 2017?

The fashion is actually the same every year, since Christmas Eve in France is traditionally a formal family party. Most of the time women wear a classic cocktail dress or suit. The outfit may have a touch of originality but should be kept formal, and makeup is worn a little heavier than their everyday look.… Read More

The French Elvis: Johnny Hallyday

It’s hard to summarize who Jean-Philippe Smet was. An artist with a unique voice, 50 years of success, and an instantly identifiable “face”, he was a living national legend.

Johnny was the ultimate rocker. A man marked by a rough start in life, abandoned by an alcoholic and unstable father and taken in by his aunt, he entered the artistic world really quickly where he made maybe the most important encounter in his life, Lee Halliday, an American singer who was married to his cousin, and helped him discover his musical talent and an icon, Elvis Presley.… Read More