How is a Parisian going to get dressed for Christmas Eve in 2017?

The fashion is actually the same every year, since Christmas Eve in France is traditionally a formal family party. Most of the time women wear a classic cocktail dress or suit. The outfit may have a touch of originality but should be kept formal, and makeup is worn a little heavier than their everyday look.… Read More

Work: USA vs. France

One of the main differences between life in France and life in the US resides in the working world.

First, finding a job is a lot easier in the United States than it is in France but it is also a lot easier to lose your position.

The job search happens the same way in both countries except the resume is different.… Read More

Beer: The new favorite drink of French People?

Culturally, wine is known as the official French drink…is this cliché or reality?

It is true, French wine is famous for its quality. French people know it and enjoy it: They still are the world’s biggest wine consumers. Despite this, the new generation (18-34yo) has left the “Red” and “White” behind for the “Mousse”, beer!… Read More