Bastille Day: Top 5 Fireworks in France

On July 14th, the tradition is that every French city should create the most beautiful firework show possible. Over the past few years, these shows have included music and have evolved in to real choreographed pyrotechnic shows.

Some cities have shown they have great imaginations and have created amazing fireworks shows which attract more and more people each year.Read More

Le Percent

In France, the “Baccalaureat” exam officially starts every year in mid-June. This exam is the gateway to college for French students who just graduated from “Le lycée”. It’s a much anticipated challenge for students who prepare this test, with more or less involvement, during the whole “Terminale” school year.… Read More

la Chandeleur une fête Française!

Chaque année, le 2 février, les Français fêtent la Chandeleur. À cette occasion, nous préparons des crêpes, et nous les faisons sauter dans la poêle en tenant une pièce en or en main pour se porter chance toute l’année!
Il s’agit initialement d’une fête païenne qui a ensuite été reprise par les Catholiques au cinquième siècle pour célébrer la présentation de Jésus au temple.… Read More

La Chandeleur : A French Celebration!

Every year on February 2nd, French people celebrate La Chandeleur. On this date, we used to cook crepes, that we would then flip in the skillet while holding a golden coin in the hand, which will bring us luck all year long.

Originally, crepes parties were part of a casual winter family routine that the Catholics picked as the celebration of Jesus Presentation to the Temple.… Read More