Learn French: The best Songs

Learn French or just practice on the way to work or in the waiting room at the DMV (we all know it can last for hours), it is possible and easy.

To do so, all you will need are 2 things: a smartphone and headphones. Then, you just need to save this page and listen to the following list of songs.

These french songs have been carefully chosen for their simple and useful vocabulary, being easily understandable and also, as an important part of popular culture.

You can easily find them online with subtitles in the language of your choice. French is obviously the best choice! Depending on your level, you can even search for a website which provides the original lyrics and the translation on the same page.

To be the most efficient, you have the option to pause to read the words, look up the ones you don’t know, repeat and listen again to the hardest parts, and (if you can and want to) sing of course! It is actually a good pronunciation training.

Now that you are ready, here is the list of songs: 

PART 1 – The Classics

  • Je l’aime à mourir – Francis Cabrel
  • Puisque tu pars – Jean-Jacques Goldman
  • Amoureux de Paname – Renaud
  • Ne me quitte pas – Jacques Brel
  • Et si tu n’existais pas – Joe Dassin
  • Dis-moi que l’amour – Marc Lavoine
  • La vie en rose – Edith Piaf
  • Y’a de la joie – Charles Trenet
  • Le temps ne fait rien à l’affaire – Georges Brassens (bonus)

PART 2 – Contemporary Songs

  • Entre nous – Chimène Badi
  • Quelqu’un qui m’a dit – Carla Bruni
  • Tu trouveras – Natasha St Pier
  • Lucie – Pascal Obispo
  • 4 mots sur un piano – Patrick Fiori
  • Maman – Louane
  • Partons vite – Kaolin
  • La Seine – Vanessa Paradis & M
  • Stromae – Papaouté

We have decided to divide the list in 2 parts for those who want to listen to songs that are a bit more current with a contemporary style. Stromae for example is famous right now in France and in Europe and he even had a tour in the U.S.

If you want to share your favorite french song, feel free to do it in the comments!