France and His Neighbors

How do French people see the rest of the World?

Only speaking about their neighbors, here are their thoughts (with a lot of French humor) about those Others.

The Germans are the former great enemies that became best friends. They drink a lot of beer, mostly in October. They are really open minded yet really strict at the same time, but since they are our friends we won’t criticize!

The Spaniards are the festive ones! We visit them during vacations. They have everything you need, the paella for lunch and the sangria for dinner. We are never bored with them! And Spanish is a kind of French but with more “a” and “o”.

The British… We don’t talk that much about them, except when there is a new James Bond movie or something new happening in the Queens family. They live on their island and they stay there. Also, they have a weird sense of humor and their food is far from our cuisine.

The Belgians, they are like French people but with a funny accent. They have good fries, amazing beers, and great waffles! In brief: good guys! We like to mess with them, even make fun of them, but finally it is only because we really like them!

The Swiss, they are a bit like Belgians but richer and instead of beers and fries, they have chocolate and cheese. Oh… we also share our mountains with them.

The Dutch, they are also like Belgian people but really (really) open minded about everything. There, you can smoke weed, drink alcohol on the streets, and ride bikes everywhere.

The Italians, they are a bit like French people, a bit like Spanish people. They speak loud and move their hands a lot doing so! And they are also very biased, they think their country is the most beautiful! No way!

What about you? What do you think about French people? Do you have any fun clichés to share?