Work: USA vs. France

One of the main differences between life in France and life in the US resides in the working world.

First, finding a job is a lot easier in the United States than it is in France but it is also a lot easier to lose your position.

The job search happens the same way in both countries except the resume is different. In France, a picture is mandatory and the position is important. In USA the company matters more.

Interviews are similar even if they are more formal in France. We don’t talk about our private life very often or ask any form of personal questions to our prospective employers or employees.

During the hiring process, a contract is obligatory in France both for short and long term jobs. In France, a long term contract (CDI – Unlimited time contract) is a synonym for safety, dismissals being quite rare and pretty complicated. In the US, terminations are legally a lot easier, mostly because contracts are not mandatory.

The last big difference is the number of weeks vacation. In the USA 2 weeks is a common standard, whereas there is a 5 week minimum in France. Also, some days off (called RTT) are added, bringing this number to 6 or 7 weeks.

So, what do you thing about those differences? Does that motivated to work overseas?