Let It Snow, in Paris!

Last week, most of the country was covered with snow. In Paris, the flakes started falling last Tuesday. They wouldn’t stop! Since we don’t have snow every single year, when the snow falls and even better sticks, on the Parisian ground, it’s a “nation wide trouble”! The news shows host outdoor special programs with journalists commenting the breaking news “the snow is back” and one can see in the background lines of cars stuck on the highway … Sure enough, the poor journalist will get a cold for a program which is not really worth it. Still, at least in Paris, the arrival of the snow is a big deal.

Social media would show videos of Canadians who, in their own way, make fun of this French much-ado-about-nothing for 8 inches of snow, which they have a hard time handling, when tough white winters are their own yearly routine.

It’s been five years it didn’t snow that much in Paris. On one hand people were delighted with this winter wonder but on the other hand, people like taxi drivers, delivery people, and anyone in need of a vehicle to work, were out of job because of the snow.

Let’s focus on the first category: Those who welcomed the snow! It’s just a treat when Paris puts on its white coat. People buckle up in elegant outfits walking with soft steps and the cars drive slowly. Some may even stop to take a look at the flakes falling down. This moment is out-of-the-time. Then children, young and old start snow ball fights. Even more reckless: some have been seen descending Montmartre streets, which are turned into make-shift ski slopes! Parisians are always enthusiastic! This was five days of snow, five days only, but Parisians will remember them hoping that they’ll be able to enjoy it again next year.