Neighbor’s Day

May 29th in France is “Neighbors Day”. However, exceptionally this year, it will take place on September 18th. Instead, on May 29th, French neighbors will celebrate « Neighbors Day on their balconies and at their windows”. The means of communication will be explained on their website.

What is it?

Every year, on a Friday night, between 7 and 10 pm, neighbors all over France get together to get acquainted. The neighbors meet, try each other’s dishes, and chat.

How does it work?

They agree on the meeting place in the neighborhood and everyone brings a dish or a beverage. It can take place in a closed off street, a backyard or in a rented city venue.


To know each other better, create friendships, and have a good time.

The result.

People are more respectful of each other as they are now more familiar with each other and the youth has the opportunity to experience solidarity.

Neighbors Day has developed in other countries and continents, such as Canada.