The City of Nancy, FR

Today, we would like to introduce you to a French city called Nancy.

Nancy is located in the North-East, more or less half way between Paris and Strasbourg. It is among the biggest French cities, with 110.000 inhabitants. Nancy is well know not only for its intensive industry, but also for its history and cultural assets.

Even though Nancy had been created during the 11th century, it was Stanislas Leszczynski (the former king of Poland) who boosted the city’s reputation during the eighteenth century. Fond of architecture, he remodeled the city by creating three squares that have belonged to the UNESCO world estate since 1983: Stanislas Square (known as the most beautiful square in Europe), Carriere Square and Alliance Square.

In Nancy, cultural activity never stops. For instance, during the Summer there is an incredible light and sound show featuring the monuments of the Stanislas Square. The weather is beautiful; people dance in the street or just sit. It’s magic! September hosts a book festival “Le livre sur la Place”. This major cultural and literary event attracts a large population and among them, many writers. This event is a must for any publisher seeking new talents!

Then comes October and its “Nancy Jazz Pulsation”. This major festival hosts musicians from all over the world. In December, a most respected tradition attracts tens of thousands people and tourists every year : the Saint Nicolas parade. Saint Nicolas is believed to be the city Patron and the children’s protector. In school, toddlers bring a carrot for Saint Nicolas’ donkey on December 6. If they did not behave they will be blamed by the Pere Fouettard!  Actually the legend of Santa Claus comes from Saint Nicolas’ story!

Nancy is also a dynamic city with many different campuses: College campus, Engineer, Arts, Architecture and Music schools … In 2013 Nancy has been awarded the “Best students city in France”.

And on top of all of this, people form Lorraine are genuinely nice and welcoming. Feel free to take a ride in the East of France. You won’t be disappointed!