French Language Learning for Beginners and Advanced Learners


Language allows people to share ideas, voice out thoughts, and convey feelings. It is a vital part of human communication and has the power to create meaningful relationships and even build societies.

Aside from expressing and conveying thoughts, learning a foreign language also helps people with different backgrounds understand ideas that may be unique from their own culture. The beauty of language learning stems not just in grammar and structure but in how we spread ideas and learn beyond language barriers.

The French Language Salon /Language Workshop For Children was built on the same mission. We aim to create a community of language learners and lovers and contribute to the expansion of the French culture and French Language in New York, New York and beyond.

Whether you’re brand new to the French language or you have a few lessons under your belt, we’ll help you unlock a world of conversation through engaging and highly relevant classes.

  • Private Lessons

    Want to learn French on your desired schedule? We offer private lessons at your convenience. Learn from language instructors who are passionate about their craft and dedicated to your progress.

  • Small-Group Lessons

    If you’re looking for live, fast-paced French Classes in New York with passionate and exceptionally credentialed instructors, our small-group lessons are the answer. Learn French in the comfort of home!

  • Test Prep

    Attending a French school or preparing for a French Baccalaureate exam? We have French language tutors who are ready to help!

Regardless of what your language goals are, our French Classes for beginners and advanced students will help you build confidence, connection, and mastery of the French language!