Jeannie Longo, the Cycling Queen

She made a mark in the World of Cycling over many generations, from 1975 all the way through to 2012!
And her achievements are as impressive as her longevity.
In total, she has received 114 medals throughout her career, in 3 different fields.

Fun Fact: she was winning her first trophies while some of her latest competitors were not yet born.

In a nutshell: Jeannie won 15 World Championship medals and 4 Olympic medals. She won the Time Trial in 2011 at 53 years old, and become the French Champion for a final time.

To date, she still holds the world record for the longest run in one hour with 29.92 mi (48,159 km).

No one can explain her longevity and her capacity to win over and over again. No over-performing heart like Martin Fourcade (a Biathlon champion), there’s nothing outwardly extraordinary about this woman, except maybe an unfailing determination!

Another unique fact in the sports world, she forms a couple with her trainer and former French team skier, Patrice Ciprelli.

After 37 years of victories, the Queen of Cycling retired…but she will stay forever as a symbol of feminine cycling.