Sebastien Loeb, the Best rally driver of all time

Sebastien Loeb comes from a small town in the east of France, Haguenau.

Once known as a successful student, he starts slacking off after buying his first moped around  the age of 16. Then, after obtaining  his drivers license, he buys his first sports car, a Renault Super 5 GT Turbo.… Read More

Jeannie Longo, the Cycling Queen

She made a mark in the World of Cycling over many generations, from 1975 all the way through to 2012!
And her achievements are as impressive as her longevity.
In total, she has received 114 medals throughout her career, in 3 different fields.

Fun Fact: she was winning her first trophies while some of her latest competitors were not yet born.… Read More

4L Trophy, the humanitarian rally

The 4L Trophy has been created by Jean-Jacques Rey.
The idea of a race accessible to young people, with a humanitarian objective comes from his participation to the Paris-Dakar. It starts the first edition in 1997 with 3 cars and 6 college students.
The objective of the race is to bring school and sport material to the South of Morocco.… Read More