The Rouen Armada

From June 6th to 16th, about fifty gigantic historic ships from all over the World gather in Rouen, Normandy. This marine event, one of the biggest in the world, will celebrate its 30 year anniversary this year. This gathering is called the Rouen Armada (FR: Armada de Rouen).

Along with warships and submarines, the Armada uses a specially created path across the French river La Seine which is larger and has drawbridges to let them travel through easily. That path ends on the Seine river.

These legendary boats, like the Hermione or the Belem are the last French three-masted sailing vessels.  From the docks millions of visitors gather to admire these giants of marine history.

At night, the event turns into a music festival. Lots of activities are available: concerts, fireworks, tours, and the famous sailor mass. This year, the visitors will also be able to celebrate the anniversary of D-Day with a big popular ball.

A unique event that we invite you to discover if you visit France around this time of year. Rouen is less than 2 hours away from Paris by train or car!