You are what you eat!

This saying is very relevant to French people as food is at the center of French culture!

A few weeks ago, parents complained about the quality of the food offered to their kids during school. These meals were of poor quality according to the parents… But what was in that infamous meal?

  • A sandwich with cheese and some vegetables
  • An apple and a piece of watermelon
  • A fresh tomato

The biggest problem for the parents came from the “triangular” sandwich placed in the middle of the plate in its packaging. The parents were not happy with the waste of plastic used to package this meal.

On to the actual food, for the parents it is unthinkable to serve the children such a meal. A sandwich is not a healthy meal! They think the pre-packaged sandwiches are of poor quality and the tomatoes, which were supposed to be organic and local, actually came from Spain.

That was enough to outrage those parents and force the city to apologize for those really bad meals. That meal was supposed to be for a fun “picnic” which would be eaten outside to celebrate the long weekend of the Pentecôte and the coming summer.

The school meals have been the target of many organizations for a few years who simply ask for more organic and local products.

What do you think about the parents’ reaction? What do your kids eat at school?