Bastille Day: Top 5 Fireworks in France

On July 14th, the tradition is that every French city should create the most beautiful firework show possible. Over the past few years, these shows have included music and have evolved in to real choreographed pyrotechnic shows.

Some cities have shown they have great imaginations and have created amazing fireworks shows which attract more and more people each year.

Here are our TOP 5 most amazing firework displays for Bastille Day in France:

  • Paris: Who doesn’t like to see the Eiffel Tower illuminated by its thousands of lights? Well, for the 14th of July, hundreds of fireworks are launched either from the Lady of Iron or from the Trocadéro Gardens. They light up, not only the Tower, but also the Champs de Mars and its surroundings. To view the show, I recommend finding a Parisian rooftop or to sit down with your family on the Champs de Mars.
  • Carcassonne: The blaze of the city! That summarizes the show you will see in the southern city. The fireworks here are launched from the ramparts of the walled city. They illuminate the medieval fortifications. It looks magical! You can admire this show from the vineyards located around the city, maybe, with a glass of local wine* in hand.
  • Etretat: You can also go north, towards the cliffs and the beautiful Aiguille of Etretat which overlooks  the Channel. The nice blues and great reds are reflected on the water and create an amazing sound and light show. You can admire this show from the beach or atop the surrounding cliffs.
  • Cannes: In addition to not being far from the Croisette, the Cannes’ 14 of July festivities are more than just fireworks. The city organizes a competition where 6 Master Fireworks Technicians compete and the people decide who put on the best one! So, it is 6 fireworks shows that you will be able to watch, not just one! Afterwards, you can walk along the beach and enjoy the summer animations.
  • Strasbourg: To celebrate the National Day, the Alsatian city organizes, in addition to the traditional fireworks show, a great Firemen’s ball to honor the Firefighters. This year you will have to wear your most beautiful Marinière (sailor’s shirt) and thank them by partying in front of the Strasbourg-Oust Fire Station. There will be food and animation on-site for the party-goers before leaving for Parc de l’Etoile to watch the flamboyant show. Watching a fireworks show with firefighters, is not an everyday thing!

5 pyrotechnic shows in different places with different ambiances and unique styles. Will you choose the medieval city or white rocks cliffs? Or maybe will you prefer partying in Alsace? The choice is all yours!

*Please, drink responsibly!

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