Did you know that several territories overseas belong to France ? Today we’re taking you to Corsica….

But before we get there, check out this video and feel the atmosphere!

  • Corsica is in the mid south of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • It has been a French Island since the 18th century.
  • The inhabitants speak French but also Corse, which is a local language, more or less close to Italian.
  • People who live in Corsica are very proud of their island and have an independent feeling towards France, which is part of their charm.
  • If you are a food lover, try the figatellu (smoked sausage), the brocciu (goat cheese), the fiadone (a cake with brocciu), and the  Pietra (a local chestnut beer).


No matter what you call it “Corse, Corsica, The Beauty Island or the Stone”you will be amazed by its beautiful landscapes, beaches, mountains and villages. In Corsica there’s a very famous French hike called the GR20 which is 125 miles long. This is one of the most difficult hikes in Europe!

By the way, the song you just listened to is a classic polyphony from the 90s. As you can tell by the lyrics below, it’s nothing but a love letter to the island:

In a corner of the earth
There is a spot of  tenderness
Which is in my heart, magnificent
Nice and pure,
A marvelous jewel.
Don’t look for anything comparable, it doesn’t exist
It is unique, alone and beloved.


We all love it so much
This is a piece of rock in the sea
Sparkling treasure
As blessed as the altar
Calm and soft as a lamb
Generous and welcoming but fury and rebel if you neglect her sons.


Now can you hear her calling you from the wild?