Let’s travel to France …. To the Basque Country! (Part 1)

« Ongi Etorri ! » « Welcome ! »

If you search the internet for Basque Country, you will immediately be inspired by the serenity and friendliness of the region. Between hikes along the Atlantic coast and the beauty of its inland region, you will surely fall in love. Its green hills are spotted with ewes and whitewash Basque houses framed in blood red timber.

You will not be able to peel your eyes off of the outline of the impressive Pyrénées mountains against the azure blue sky. Indeed, Basque Country is located in the extreme southwest of France and is comprised of 3 provinces in France and 4 provinces, in the south, in Spain. They are separated by the Pyrénées mountain range, which stretches from east to west..

Near the coast, in the typical village of Sare, a small wooden train will take you to the summit of the Rhune (or Larrune in Basque language), the highest peak at 905 meters (2969 ft). There, you will feast your eyes on a breathtaking view onto the northeast coast of Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. Put your hiking shoes on and take advantage of the scenery as you hike back down.

To be continued.