Sebastien Loeb, the Best rally driver of all time

Sebastien Loeb comes from a small town in the east of France, Haguenau.

Once known as a successful student, he starts slacking off after buying his first moped around  the age of 16. Then, after obtaining  his drivers license, he buys his first sports car, a Renault Super 5 GT Turbo. He starts participating in street races with his friends shortly after, which causes him a lot of troubles with the law and financially. Changing tires and brakes monthly is quite a budget!

He obtains a Electricians diploma, but in the meantime he is approached during a selection trial of the French Sport Automobile Federation. He decides to devote himself fully to his racing career. Quickly, he takes home victory after victory in the Youth Championship. Dominique Heintz et Rémi Mammosser decidse to create a Racing team to launch the young man’s career. In just his first season, he is elected “Young Driver of the Year” by the car magazine Échappement.

Then, his meeting with Daniel Elena marks the beginning of their collaboration and of an amazing career.

Today, Loeb is known as the best racing pilot of all time. His achievements are impressive. He is a 9-time WRC World Champion (rally), making him the most awarded driver in history. He is also the first non-Nordic to win the Sweden and Norway’s rallies.

After his retirement in 2013, he takes part in other competitions like the Le Mans 24 hour race. He wins the Race of Champions 5 times in a row. He even achieves an amazing performance at the Paris-Dakar.

During his career, he will also become the record holder on lots of race tracks. For example, he beats the speed record of Pikes Peak by more than a minute on his first try in 2013.

From Electrician to “World’s Most Awarded Driver”, the French Sebastien Loeb has left his legacy on the automotive world.