Let’s travel to France …. To the Basque Country! (Part 3)

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The Basque culture enjoys a great diversity thanks to its neighboring influences. Some examples of their traditions are:

  • Basque pelota. The root of this ball game can be traced back to the French medieval paume (meaning palm) game from the 13th century.
  • Basque singing can be traced back to the Middle-Ages as well and represents 1200 years of history in songs. It still holds a sacred place today in the world of Basque music.
  • Basque dances called mutxicos are traditional dances performed in villages on Sundays.

The Basque cuisine is also strongly influenced by its neighboring cultures.

Locals’ favorite pastime is to enjoy pintxos in bars, washed down with txakoli, a white wine from Northern Spain or a zurito (a small beer). Pintxos are bread slices composed of warm or cold ingredients such as Bayonne smoked ham, onion and potatoes omelets, cheese, vegetable medley or fried fish.

Recipes with Espelette peppers wake up your taste buds. The pepper is celebrated every year in the village of its name and can be prepared in every way as a condiment or stuffed.

The Basque cake is the signature dessert of the Basque Country. It is shaped like a pie. The exterior is flaky and the interior soft. It is filled with a pastry cream, perfumed with almond, vanilla or anise rhum or with a black cherry jam.

Another culinary tradition is to appreciate a sheep-milk cheese topped with black cherry jam.